YOU Select the Topic

As professional educators, if you want to pick up graduate credits that usually means driving to a class, spending long hours away from home, and being at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.

Well, we have some help with Seela Science’s graduate credit program: Uncommonly Sensible Science ©

This is a graduate course where you select the topic and the time!

YOU Select the Time

This series consists of 21 different courses. You can take these classes at your own pace, at home, with no driving and no scheduled class time. Choose the core science concept area you want to work in. Find your appropriate teaching level, either Primary (K-2nd) or Intermediate (3rd-8th), and you are set.

The DVD (3rd-8th) format lets you view some of the set-ups, hear them explained in a workshop setting, then stop the DVD.

Pick and choose what you enjoy the most, what will do you the most good, and what will help your kids, not just some professor! No writing papers you’re not sure anyone ever reads!

Just assemble the needed information from the following list of items:

  • Customizing your present textbook or lesson plans. Clearly identify where, in your professional opinion, you think each activity could best be utilized.
  • Aligning these activities into your state’s standards.
  • Research fun teacher assessments, either on your own or with your class.
  • Selecting extension ideas from the teacher’s guide in every activity.
  • Administering the supplied student assessment as a “pre” and “post” test to accumulate data as a district’s local or state needs, as well as assessing the lesson’s student effectiveness. (This is waived if you choose to do this when no students are available, like in the summertime.)

Workable Units for Years to Come

Ultimately, our goal when finished is for you to have a complete, workable unit for your classroom for years to come.

It comes down to this

Ok, so it comes down to this, choose to drive, live up to someone else’s schedule, and pay a lot more or take Uncommonly Sensible Science© It’s your choice and your time!

Grad Credit Partners

You can register for our courses by clicking on the logos below, fill out the forms and send them to us by fax, mail or email.

Call for more information Smiling Girl with Magnifying Glass Seela Science Grad Credits Course Lists Physical Science Everyday Waves (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Have Forces; Will Travel (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Just Simply Machines (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Because Newton Said So (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Shocking Truth (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Science for Beginning Einsteins (K-2nd) Concept: Click here Earth Science Earth's Dirty Little Secrets (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
The Case for Space (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Eye on the Sky (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Rock N' Science(3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Earth's Crustal Antics (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Earth and Sky Secrets for Young Minds (K-2nd) Concept: Click here Life Science Plants Inside and Out (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Title: Body Shop (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Body Works (life science) (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here
Ants, Plants & Puppy Dog Toes (K-2nd) Concept: Click here
(New 2014) How Does This Affect Me? (K-2nd) Concept: Click here
(New 2014) Who Needs Plants (3rd-8th) Concept: Click here