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Continuing Education Courses from Accredited Colleges

In partnership with accredited colleges and universities like Morningside College and the University of North Dakota, Seela Science offers a flexible option for teachers to obtain Professional Development or Graduate Credits.

There are many course options, subjects and topics to meet the needs and interests of every educator. In addition to being flexible and convenient, when you complete the course, you not only have achieved your credits, but also will have workable classroom unit(s) suited to use with your students.

Pick the university or college of your choice and pick the course or courses you desire. Once enrolled, you will have access to easy to follow digital lessons. The rest is up to you at your convenience, on your time frame and at your own pace. What could be easier?

Have questions? Need help deciding which course or courses will best meet your criteria, as well as being suited for your classroom needs and situation? We are here to help!
Call Rozann at 800-232-5861 to answer questions, help in deciding which course or courses fit your needs, or to register over the phone if you would like.

You may also Contact us via email for more information.

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Course and Concepts For Every Area of Science

Course are divided into 2 levels. Primary for Kindergarten through Second Grade and Intermediate for Third through Eighth Grade. Each level includes concepts, lessons and activities that can be adapted and adjusted for the appropriate grades.

Each level covers the areas of Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. Physical Science is divided into Energy and Forces & Motion.

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Uncommonly Sensible Science© Just Makes Sense

Seela Science Uncommonly Sensible Science© program offers fully accredited courses for professional educators. Most importantly, we let you select the courses and the time!

YOU Select the Topic

Professional Development can be easy and fun to acquire! With 19 courses to choose from, you'll find subject matter to suit your needs as well as those of your classroom.

YOU Select the Time

No need to hit the road to be at classes on someone else's time frame. Seela Science's College credit program, Uncommonly Sensible Science©, offers convenience where you select the topic and the time!

Customizable Units

Choose the core science concept in your area of interest, find the appropriate teaching level (K-2nd or 3rd-8th), and you're all set. Uncommonly Sensible Science© is designed to suit your needs.

Usable Classroom Units

Pick and choose what you enjoy the most, what will do you the most good, and what will help your students, not just some professor. No more writing papers you're not sure anyone ever reads!

University Partners

You choose from our fully accredited college or university partners. Click on a partner link below to get registered. Questions? Call Rozann at 800-232-5861 for help deciding on which course(s) fit your needs.

Classroom Support

Seela Science is here for you. We are teachers who understand the challenges of the modern classroom. We are teachers who want to help teachers! Please CONTACT us with any questions or concerns.

Meet the Seelas

We are Dave and Rozann Seela, founders of Seela Science!

We are teachers helping teachers. Our passion is getting kids excited about science. We provide hand's on science lessons that will have your classrooms engaged and eager to explore and learn.

But, wait. We go one step further. With Uncommonly Sensible Science©, teachers can get needed credits and workable classroom science units all at the same time!

Dave and Rozann Seela, founders of Seela Science